Christian Family Counseling

It's nice to meet you

I will be your personal Therapist. I have more than 25 years of experience and can help you with your "stuff" . Text me on my personal cell phone. (904) 874-5670. That way we can get started before we even meet.

Most people who come to me for help are NOT sick!

They just need another's perspective on their life and the usual stuff that goes on in the life of all of us. That is what I do.

How does counseling work?

How Does Counseling Work


The first session or two we spend our time learning about each other.
Then we discuss exactly what issue(s)  you are struggling with.
From there we start discussing solutions that will make your life more enjoyable.
Most of the time counseling will last 3 to 6 sessions. But often the sessions are so helpful that some people find themselves continuing for weeks and weeks. It is up to you.
Text me or call and we can get started (904) 874-5670.